2. We recommend one of these: Find Familiar: Summon a small animal to be your new pet, like an owl, snake, rat, etc. . . Jan 15, 2023 · Best 5th-level Cleric Spells. .

Best 2nd level spells 5e magic

When you think about necromancy magic, this spell's effects are exactly what come to mind.

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This 3rd level spell causes 8d6 fire damage with a 20 foot radius explosion and can be cast from 150 feet away. Granted, a 2nd-level spell slot is somewhat costly for those situations, but it’s still good to have when things get critical. Downdraft is the weakest of the three options, blasting winds downward and knocking flying enemies prone as well as the disadvantage on ranged weapon attacks from before.

With an action, you can see through the eyes of your familiar, cast a touch.